A Few Broadcast Commercial Production samples

We have been writing and producing high quality television commercials for over thirty years.  There are lots of options  when it comes to TV advertising creative.  Variable length is one.  :10s, :15s, :30s, bookend :15s.  A simple ad produced from photos, a live video shoot in your store or a customer's home, either way, the choices are endless.  Production costs are easy to estimate, with the exception of on-air or voice-over talent fees.  If you want a Hollywood celebrity, open your vault.


Of course, what you say and how you say it, depends on where people are going to see or hear it.  A fancy way of saying buying the right TV or radio stations, the right programming at the right time of day is critical. We can do that for you, too.


IN HOUSE ADVERTISING SERVICES now has full production capabilities in-house.   We get your spots done on time and on budget.

Below are a few samples from the past year or so.   Some exemplify the least expensive production method using still photos to give the illusion of full-on video.  Others show in-the-field production with actors.     More examples available on our Facebook page for "SAN DIEGO ADVERTISING."

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