Again, nothing has the power to persuade action than video.  For a century, the only exposure consumers had to video messaging were movies and television.  Today, however, video is everywhere: Websites, Grocery stores, gas pumps, even our pockets and purses thanks to cell phones and tablets.  The most actionable items on websites are videos.  When given the option between reading a lengthy artificial or having a video playback read and illustrate the data, people typically press play, even though they know it will be preceded by an advertisement.

Advertising with video on the internet is an excellent way to control who sees your message.  The most common form of video messaging online is called Pre-Roll.  Video Pre-Roll is the commercial that runs before the desired video content on a website, like YouTube, CNN, or just about every local and national news website.  Some allow viewers to "Skip Ad" after a few seconds, which typically doesn't cost you, the advertiser, anything.  However, more and more websites and videos are no longer giving site users that option which means if the video content they want to see is intriguing enough, they will sit and watch your entire commercial.  This will likely change when someone creates a DVR service for online videos.

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