Tips and Tricks to Buying Media in America

Kevin Adnersen, the founder and president of San Diego Advertising and creator of contracted In-House Advertising services wrote a book a few year's back to assist small businesses and first time media buyers with navigating the processes of advertising.  The book discusses the benefits, as well as, the draw backs, of Radio, Television, Newspaper, Direct Mail, Shoppers and more.  The book also includes a glossary of media terms that you will hear when communicating with media sales reps.


If you are a San Diego small business owner or work for a San Diego Company, and would like a free copy of How to Buy Advertising: Tips and Tricks For Buying Media, simply fill out the form and we will email a .pdf copy of the book right away.  The information you provide will be kept confidential.  We will not sell, solicit to, or even save your contact information.  We merely wish to confirm you are a San Diego based business.   Persons outside San Diego, the purchase price is $49.95 + Tax.

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