IN HOUSE ADVERTISING SERVICES is a full service agency, but we're happy to produce just a piece of your marketing puzzle.  We provide our clients with resources and expertise to conceive, create, execute, and evaluate any or all of their advertising needs.  For more information on a particular service or to see samples of our past campaigns, select the  advertising media you want to know more about.


Hiring an advertising agency is a clear and smart decision.  It is guaranteed to never cost you more, and will often times, cost you less than attempting to manage your business's marketing efforts by yourself.  Learn why?



  Video is king.  Every business, big or small, must have video messaging availble to succesfully reach new customers.  Whether with simple, whiteboard and slideshow web videos or high-end television commercials, the power of video with sound...right in the customer's living room, is unsurpassed.


And what about radio?  Radio is powerful and cost effective IF you can narrow your customer's demographic characteristics down a bit.  Not every business is suited for radio, but most are if utilized properly.  Is it right for you?  Read more...and see examples.

  Call it Direct Mail, Direct Marketing, or Junk Mail, it works, but only if your messaging and strategy are carefully considered and crafted.  It starts with the right piece sent to the right market.  You have the option of targeting everyone in the city or only a small, sharply focused demo.  How many people can you reach with the budget available and with how large and detailed of an ad?  One size does not fit all.  Your business is probably unique, your campaign and budget should be, too.  Read more...and see examples.

  We've done so many pieces of art during the past 30 years it makes some of us feel old.  No more veloxes or literal "cut and paste."  No more stripping negs, or using giant lasers for color separations.  One thing hasn't changed:  A good ad needs a good artist AND a good copy writer.  The artist is going to want to entertain the reader, the copy writer is going to want to sell the product or service.  If the two are not on the same page, your ad shouldn't be on any page.  Read more...and see examples.

  Before the move into the new millenium, websites were not necessary--or available--and advertising the site sure wasn't needed.   Our yellowpage ads were our websites, and we didn't spend money advertising that we had a yellow page ad.     Welcome to the 21st century.  Every business has to have a website.  If you don't have a website then your business does not exist to the majority of shoppers.  But a website isn't the only must.  Now you must make that website attractive, informative, and easily found.  Plus, you have to be active on social media sites and blogs.  The world wide web is an endless advertising opportunity.  What are the current do's and don'ts of marketing on the internet?  Read more...