Our Team....

The team and associates of In-House Advertising Services has over 100 years of combined experience in every facet of the marketing industry, most right here in San Diego.  Regardless of the level or style of advertising you're needing, we are confident no other agency can match the expertise and quality we offer our clients.  What sets our team apart from all the rest?  Meet them and see.

Kevin Andersen, President

A graduate of San Diego State University, class of 1976, Kevin began his marketing career as a sales manager for multiple local newspapers and specialty publications, (Charger's Football Weekly, San Diego Sports Digest, MLB's Cactus League Spring Report), as well as  cable TV networks.  He started In-House Advertising Services in 1985.  His first hand knowledge of the selling process makes him the most qualified media buyer in San Diego, ensuring the best rates for our clients.  He has written and overseen the production and delivery of thousands of video, radio, print, direct mail advertisements.  During his days in the CableTV industry, he paved the way for cable television becoming co-op compliant.

Kevin Andersen


Travis Andersen

Video Production, Internet Advertising

Yes, related.  Travis earned his degree in Film and Television Production from California State University Northridge in 2007.  Following graduation, Travis worked in the post production offices of Universal Studios, Rogue Entertainment, and Warner Bros., assisting in editing several major motion pictures, among them,  Wanted, Last House on the Left, and Watchmen.  See his list of credits on IMDb.com. Taking what he learned in Hollywood, Travis started his own commercial production company Direct Digital Video, that is affiliated with In-House Advertising Services.  


When not producing TV spots for In-House Advertising Services', clients, he's producing spots for other ad agency's clients, or for TV station'n clients.  He also takes the lead on web design, graphics and web SEO and social media marketing for In-House Advertising Services.

Our "A Team" of associates. Always there when needed.

Paul McKenzie
(aka. The Inkster)


Over 20 years of experience in the printing & graphics industry.



  • Black & white digital

  • Full color digital

  • Single & two color traditional offset printing

  • Full color traditional offset printing



  • Business Cards

  • Invitations

  • Stationery

  • Postcards

  • If it’s ink on paper – we do it.



Rachel Murany

(aka. The Lister)


What ever you want to mail, to whomever you want it mailed. Locally, nationally or globally. Thrity-five years experience with direct mail marketing.


  • sourcing and customizing lists, managing your existing lists, design, printing, mailing (postal or email), and order fulfillment.


Other services include:


  • Buy, rent or sell mailing lists.

  • Maintain and update your mailing list.

  • email marketing...your list or others.

  • MORE, to come


Kristian  Smock

(aka. The Artster)


Super high-end graphics?  He's your man.


  • Retail Packaging

  • Custom Logos

  • Album/CD covers

  • Photo Restoration

  • B/W to Color



So many applications, we're still working on this...he's the best.


Charles Portman

(aka. The Guru)


As a media research and planning strategist, he’s the guy who can figure out the media habits of your best customers using the top tools of the trade; Nielsen, Scarborough, Comscore, Google.


Who do you want?

Identifying your best customer and determining their media use is the foundation of successful advertising. From this info your plan can be determined.


What we do?

Experts at the use of research tools, we will review both your internal data and available market data to identify your best advertising plan of action.


Media Plans

General Market Demographic Profiles

Target Market Profiles

Campaign Calendars

Customer Relations Management

Competitive Set Reviews



Krystal Klear

(aka. The Shutterbug)


High-end specialized still photography.



  • Portrait and Model

  • Product

  • Landscape

  • Children

  • Animal