Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail marketing, commonly called direct mail or junk mail, comes in many forms.  Simply put, direct mail is a letter, post card or object delivered to a potential customer who has not requested the information.


An advantage of direct mail marketing is you get to control costs by opting for any size and graphic intensive piece to mail.  A small budget can easily send out small postcards for pennies a piece while larger budgets can do multiple page catalogues. 


The biggest advantage of direct mail is being able to pick your audience.  You have the option of mailing out to the entire city, or to any small community within, or you can mail to a type of person, like homeowners with annual household income over $150k. 


The biggest drawback of direct mail however is visibility.  Junk mail is an annoyance to most people as they tend to receive a lot of it, though not as much as before.  Putting an advertisement in the hands of your targeted customers is a great tool, but do you make sure they see and read your ad? 


IN HOUSE ADVERTISING SERVICES has been producing and delivering direct mail pieces for over 30 years.  We have witnessed the process transition from large print mastering machines into an almost completely digital world.  We can give you an accurate quote for a desired campaign if you are considering direct mail opportunities or provide you some expert insight into the programs you are having presented to you by sales reps.

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