Graphics and Copywriting.

  Today "Graphics" covers everything from video elements, to newspaper and magazine ads, to brochures, to digital banner ads, animation, packaging, logos; you name it.     Graphic artists have specialties.  We do lots of graphic arts In-House, especially for Hi-Def Video, direct mail and print ads.  If something special comes up, we have associates apply their unique expertise. 


  Graphics are supposed to give a "feeling" to the reader or viewer, and that should be the feeling YOU want them to have.  Selling home furnishings, you may want them to feel comfortable or perhaps they should feel that buying THIS will make my neighbors envious.  Both the look and the words must work towards the common goal.  Some examples are in the slideshow below.


Copywriting is a special talent.  I can make it simple, especially for TV and Radio.  "Tell them what you're going to tell them....tell them....tell them what you told them."

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