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Don't Go It Alone

Welcome to the 21st century.  The "new frontier" of advertising has been growing exponentially for the last 15 years and there are new ways to target prospective customers online every day.  Today's economy is global.  With exceptions for certain services that can only be provided in person, everything can be bought, sold or managed online to/from people anywhere in the world.  Competing on a global scale is tricky and requires a great deal of time and effort to ensure that your business name and information is consistently found with ease when customers are trying to find it.


There are countless advertising opportunities available to you online: Video pre-roll, display banners, follow me ads, retargeting, keyword bidding, social media sites, direct buys on local sites, etcetera.  Each of options comes with another countless number of sales reps trying to convince you that they are the magic bullet option.  Every radio & TV station sells stuff on their home sites and many can sell you impressions on other websites, too.  Is it all too much?  Yes.  But which parts are too much? 

No single online marketing effort will be effective for every business.  There are some areas that are crucial for everyone, like having a website that can be found by search engines, but everything else is a question mark.  Getting the right advice on internet marketing is extremely important today as there is a plethora of web-marketing companies going after your money.   Some are legitimate, some are scams, some just duplicate what you're already doing, and all greatly mark up their fees and expenditures.  They all overvalue and rarely deliver on promises.  Though not considered part of the conventional advertising world, at no other time has employing an advertising agency been more important.  Save time, hassle, and money by not dealing with web marketers yourself.

Website Design & Optimization (SEO)

When websites were first taking off as more and more homes began owning personal computers, it used to be easy to get your website listed above your competitors on still new-to-the-world search engines; secure the most obvious domain name and stuff as many meta-keywords and phrases as possible into the site's code.  And that worked, for a long time.  However, that no longer works, and any site still utilizing such tactics are finding their organic search rankings plummet.  Today, stuffing keywords into metatags and URLs is a harmful strategy to your online marketing.  Today's secret is content.  Websites need to provide the latest information on relevant topics.  They need to be visually pleasing and easy to navigate.


As the rules change, web-masters and designers find newer ways to manipulate the system, which then leads search engines like Google and Yahoo/Bing to again change the rules.  Odds are you have been approached by multiple companies claiming to be SEO experts that guarantee top page ranking.  They lie.