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FREE IDEAS SINCE 1985. Advertising is a crucial part of doing business, regardless of the product or service you provide or the size of your company.  Marketing is the only way to grow and maintain market share and customer brand awareness.  To grow, or even maintain your current customer base, we must advertise.  But not all advertising options are effective for everyone.  What are the right and wrong ways to market your business?  Just ask.

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In-House Advertising Services


  Since 1985, San Diego's In-House Advertising Services has proudly served their clients by living up to our motto:

"Conceive - Create - Execute - Evaluate." 

  • Conceive: Craft the right message and the right strategy.

  • Create: Oversee every aspect of a campaign's production from start to finish, ensuring an on-time and on-budget delivery.

  • Execute: Delivering all finished products to the necessary media.

  • Evaluate: Study the response and make adjustments as needed.


  In-House Advertising Services should be thought of as your consultants, but can be your full-time agent, if you wish. If you are simply looking for some expert help writing or producing a professional radio or TV spot...writing, producing or mailing a brochure, print or direct mail piece, we are happy to assist while keeping you well within any budget restraints.  No project is too big or too small.  (Well, actually some projects are too small, but we will provide complimentary advice and instruct you on how to do them yourself.)


  However, and this is what sets In-House Advertising Services apart from all other agencies, if you are looking for a full-time advertising agency to handle most or all of your marketing ventures, then In-House Advertising Services will live up to its name, and become your in-house marketing team, which is guaranteed to save you money, extend your budget's reach, and increase your ROI.  For more information on our contract options, please call 619-287-2873.



Where we can help you
Media Buying:  We've spent millions of dollars buying radio and TV time, newspaper, direct mail and everything else.   We know the best stations, places, programs, times, and rates.  


Commercial Production: TV and radio advertisements, as well as, for your web or social media?  We have radio and TV  commercial production services in-house. We can write, produce and deliver top-of-line Hi-Def TV and radio spots, usually within a day or two including video shoots at your location:  All for less cost than most others charge for putting slides together.  Why less?  Easy; much lower over-head expenses, for one, and the latest up-to-date editing software used for major motion pictures from Hollywood studios.


Co-Op:  Does your company sell or use another company's product?  If you do, you may qualify for cooperative (co-op) advertising re-imbersement funds.  That is money owed to you by the product's manufacturer which allows you to further increase your advertising budget.  We are confident no one in San Diego knows more about Co-op advertising than our team.  We are well versed in the co-op programs of the major auto manufacturers as well as many other national product brands.  Company founder, Kevin Andersen paved the way for cable television becoming co-op compliant in San Diego.
Graphic Production:  If it's for video, web, newspaper or magazine, direct mail, logos, whatever, one of us around here has done it.
Direct Mail:  The right piece to the right homes:  It's really that easy.   However, it has taken us nearly 30 years to fine tune it.  Experience matters.
Internet:  Everyone is selling this stuff now.  Pre-roll, SEO?, Google Ad words? Facebook?  Banner Ads?  We can help you navigate through the real from the pretend.
Budgeting:  Never spend more than you can afford.  Start small and grow and make sure results can be easily quantified.  Give anything you try a fair chance to succeed but recognize when something clearly does not work.  It's often best to set a budget for 90 days with an average monthly expense, during which time you work on the following 90 day budget and strategy.
All that other Stuff:  Billboards - Store receipt ads - PennySavers - Magazines - Airplane with banners - High school football programs - Bingo Cards....You name it:   At one time or another we've done it.